Project overview
Project organization

Project management

NorZymeD is financed by the Research Council of Norway and by "in kind" contributions from the partners. The project is organized as follows:

Project organization

Project leader: Vincent Eijsink

Management team: Vincent Eijsink, Hans Kleivdal, Ida Helene Steen, Heidi Rudi

Work Package (WP) leaders:

  • Ida Helene Steen, University of Bergen, leader of WP1 (Metagenomics and Enzyme Discovery)
  • Hans Kleivdal, Uni Research, WPs 2 (Enzyme Production) and 7 (Novel Opportunities)
  • Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad, The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, WP3 (Enzyme Characterization)
  • Vincent Eijsink, The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, WP4 (Enzyme Engineering)
  • Oskar Bengtsson, Borregaard, WP5 (Application on Lignocelluslosics)
  • Jan Arne Vevatne, Biomega, WP6 (Application on Marine by-products)
  • Roger Strand, Univeristy of Bergen, WP8 (Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects)
  • Heidi Rudi, The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, WP9 (Project Management and communication)

ELSA responsible: prof. Roger Strand, University of Bergen


  • Trygve Brautaset, Sintef
  • Anders Goksøyr, Uni Bergen
  • Per Kristian Knutsen, Biomega
  • Ole Jørgen Marvik, Innovasjon Norge
  • Gudbrand Rødsrud, Borregaard
  • Arne Smalås, Uni Tromsø
  • Tor Solberg, Uni Research
  • Roger Strand, Uni Bergen
  • Are Aastveit, The Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Jacob E.Wang, The Research Council of Norway (observer)
  • Vincent Eijsink, The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (board secretary)

 Scientific Advisory Committee: Five European experts will help to perform an (early) midterm evaluation (2015)

  • Uwe Bornsheuer, professor, Dept. Biotechnol and Enzyme Catalysis, Uni Greifswald, Germany
  • Carlos Fontes, Managing Director, NZYTech, Portugal
  • Lene Lange, professor, Department for Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, University of Aalborg, Denmark
  • Jennifer Littlechild, professor in biological chemistry, University of Exeter and Director of Exeter Biocatalysis Centre, United Kingdom
  • Sissel Rogne, The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, Norway


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