wp plans

The NorZymeD WPs are:

  • WP1: Metagenomics and Enzyme Discovery (Leader Ida H. Steen, Univ. of Bergen, Dept of Biology)
  • WP2: Enzyme production (Hans Kleivdal, Uni Research)
  • WP3: Enzyme characterization (Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad, NMBU)
  • WP4: Enzyme Engineering (Vincent Eijsink, NMBU)
  • WP5: Applications Lignocellulosics (Kristin Hals, Borregaard AS)
  • WP6: Applications marine co-products (Jan Arne Vevatne, Biomega AS)
  • WP7: Novel opportunities (Hans Kleivdal, Uni Research)
  • WP8: ELSA (Roger Strand, Univ. of Bergen, The Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities)
  • WP9: Project Management and communication (Heidi Rudi, NMBU)

WP plans 2014

WP plans 2015

WP plans 2016

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