Ethical, legal and societal aspects

Key legal questions (ownership, patenting) as well as topics such as the common good/open source debate, biopiracy-biocolonialisation debates, and questions about global equity will be adresses in NorZymeD. ELSA shall interact closely with the rest of the project.  Legal and ethical questions will be identified in close collaboration with all participants and then subject to legal and ethical research. Capacity building (through dedicated workshops and communications) will be an important part of the ELSA in NorZymeD.

The ELSA of NorZymeD

How can ELSA work be beneficial to NorZymeD?

    • Identifying and resolving concrete ethical and legal issues
    • Formulating and discussing the social value of NorZymeD
    • Providing an opportunity for everyone to discuss broader topics
    • Making the project «better»??
    • To promote scientific robustness, scientists should strive for a critical/sceptical/agnostic attitude towards factual claims
    • To promote social robustness, ELSA research should adopt a critical/sceptical/agnostic attitude towards scientists’ value claims
    • Main work approach: discussion
    • Focus on process; considerable freedom
Published 13. December 2017 - 11:09 - Updated 27. April 2018 - 10:49